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Thursday morning, June 29th, 2017 -- Henley-on-Thames

The past few days, nay the past 24 hours has been a whirlwind for Williams Men's Crew.

Monday and Tuesday saw the boys of the 8 hunker down for some final efforts on the water to solidify the rhythm and boat unity they had been building the entire season. After a restful Sunday off, Monday featured a "scrimmage" vs Riverside Boat Club of some 1 minute start pieces. Since our 2x2112m scrimmage with them way back on Onota, the gentlemen of the senior 8 of Riverside Boat Club have been nothing but great friends of Williams Men's Crew in this Henley campaign. We also had the pleasure of racing them at the Reading Regatta last weekend. Their 8 is of a similar speed to ours, yet is entered in the Thames Challenge Cup, a club 8 event. Mutual encouragement is always shared all around, as well as their recruitment tactics to get those of us living in Boston to join their ranks next year.

After brushing with RBC Monday mor…

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